Frequently asked questions for parents

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How do I make initial contact?

If we agree that it may be beneficial for your child to visit me, we will go through a detailed assessment in relation to your child’s behaviour, diet, likes and dislikes. As I work holistically I find it is useful to have some background information so I might  ask about the pregnancy and type of birth. I may also ask about childhood illnesses and allergies, family dynamics and life events that are may be occurring at the time. I will ask detailed questions and this will take around 30 minutes. Generally, this process is more organic with teenagers. If your teenager is 16 years of age then legally they are an adult but you can can still make an appointment on their behalf.

What is play therapy and how might it be used with my child?

Adults and older children can sit on a sofa or a chair fidget-free, young children can’t. Play therapy works to support children with behavioural issues and helps children going through big changes such as divorce or loss. Play Therapists use a variety of toys and games to help children learn to cope, identify their emotions and express their needs.

How will I be involved as a parent?

You can bring questions and feedback to me on a weekly basis by emailing me or contacting me by telephone. With your child’s consent we can talk about your child is progressing and maybe how we can tackle their issues and  review goals and offer ideas for how you can continue to work with your child at home. I work holistically so I might question other family dynamics and how that might be affecting  their wellbeing.

How do I tell my child about therapy?

You can say 'Because things have not been going very well at home (or school)  we thought you might like to have some special therapy time with a child therapist named Annabelle. She has lots of different toys that you can play with and do some crafting. Annabelle will never make you do anything you don’t want to do and you will be able to choose when you want to say something. Your play times will usually be at the same place and time each week.'

Can I attend therapy with my child?

In most cases you will not be in the room during your child’s therapy, however, you will need to remain in the waiting area during your child’s session which last 1 hour.

What should I do after my child's session?

Give your child permission to tell you as little or as much as they would like about their sessions.  Some sessions may be emotionally difficult for your child and there could be an increase in difficult behaviour before  or after a session.  This is normal but if it concerns you then please let me know.