About Me

I'm a Dating and Relationship Coach who helps people attract their DreamMatch using my proven RootCause Method.  One of the many things I do is help Singles uncover and indentify the core issues that are holding you back from having the fulfilling  realtionship you desire so badly.

I am know for my "no question is taboo" approach to Coaching and Counselling and I've  worked with 100's of people all over the world with various sexual identies, backgrounds, personalities and issues. 

As a regular content creator and podcast host on the Stereo App I teach and share stories on Dating and Relationships, MentalHealth and Wellness and Societal Issues (under my stage name Anna.2oodles) I am a professionally trained and credentialed Psychotheapist and Counsellor.

If you are sick and  tired of attracting toxic and emotionally unavailiable people into your life,  it's time to get the RootCause of why this is happening and change the pattern for good!

Let's get going!!


Getting Help

It can be daunting to take the first steps to getting help, but it doesn't need to be.

Sometimes simply recognising we need help can be an incredibly powerful feeling. It can be reassuring talking about problems with someone who is totally uninvolved and won't judge you.

I am based in the Haslemere and Basingstoke area but also offer remote services via video call. To get in touch, please call, email or use the form below to contact me:


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"I cannot recommend this lady enough. After 2 sessions with my son he has really clicked with her. He gets very excited just thinking about another visit. He has never opened up to anyone, especially me but he has felt so comfortable that he has spoken about his fears and troubles and I am so glad to have found somebody so reassuring that put us both at ease after the first visit."