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About Me

I'm a British  PsychoTherapist, Child Counselor  and Relationship Coach and I work with a Psychodynamic  and Solution Focussed  approach (looking at how your unconcious behaviour patterns and emotions can  affect your  current life)

I work holistically to help understand  the  unique jigsaw that is you. I like to build a complete picture with my client to really try and really understand them and how  and why they might be struggling with life.

In my role as Child Counselor and Mentor I work with Children  and Teenagers who might be presenting difficult and challenging behavior  that is becoming difficult to manage.     

I am  a Dating, Sex and Relationship Coach using  my unique proven Root Cause Method  to help you attract and align with the right type of partner for you and discard negative relationship patterns.


I have worked with hundreds of people Worldwide of all Cultures,  Communities, Personalities and Sexual Identities.. My approach to Therapy and Coaching is "No Question is Taboo"

I am a Verified Contente Creator on Stereo (stage name Anna2oodles) Wisdom and Fireside  (under my real name) where I host live  Broadcasts with audience participation  about Mental Health, Societal Issues and Dating, Sex and Relationships.  

You can find me on Social Media as That Therapist Woman.

It can be daunting taking the first step, and I totally   get it, but if you have  been thinking it's time to sort out some issues  in your life then ......Lets Get Going!


I am Fully Insured  and hold an enhanced DBS Status.  I attend 30 Hours of CPD a year to keep my skills fresh, I also attend regular supervison  so I can give you my best service.



I operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. 

"I cannot recommend this lady enough. After 2 sessions with my son he has really clicked with her. He gets very excited just thinking about another visit. He has never opened up to anyone, especially me but he has felt so comfortable that he has spoken about his fears and troubles and I am so glad to have found somebody so reassuring that put us both at ease after the first visit."


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